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Remarkable Day (1)

Today is another historical day. I started the day at a dental clinic in Soi Chokchai Ruammit. The purpose is not to see the dentist but to give a talk on Tibetan faith to Dharma seekers who get together there on Sundays.

The audience is of vairous age groups. The youngest seems to be around 25. They looked fresh and joyful. Their presence brought life to the place. We watched two films about my prostration journey and Tara. Then I talked on prostration and how Tibetans practice the dharma.

They all wanted to do prostrations. So we did it together. While doing so, we recited a basic verse:

“With body, speech and mind, I take refuge in the three levels of three jewels till I gain enlightenment”.

Everybody was so cheerful and enthusiastic that they didn’t want to stop doing it.

A patient who looked less cheerful turned out to be most serious. Watching her clumsy movement arisen from the beautiful heart to prostrate to Buddhas, I felt delighted. We all rejoiced in her merit.

Soraj shared his view on nirvana and samsara. He said non-abiding nirvana was found in Tibetan Buddhism but not in Theravada. This is why bodhisattvas who have gained realization could still remain in samsara for the sake of sentient beings.

Yontan didn’t talk much today. He demonstrated how to prostrate to us. He reminded the audience not to forget visualization while doing prostration. The most important thing is our aspiration, not bodily movement.

Nearly three hours passed away without my noticing it. Leaving the place, I thought: What a wonderful day for people to gather and practice together! What a joy to be able to tell others the significance of prostration and share with them my numerous stories of determination, faith and joy.

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