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Remarkable Day (2)

In the afternoon Bo brought Ella and Mai. The latter is an artist and a community developer in Phang-nga. We got together to work on the story line of the stupa film that we wanted to produce. Areerat, Soraj and Yontan also joined us.

The young friends asked me why I wanted to build the stupa and what were the aims of the foundation. Specifically, Mai asked whether a journey of building the stupa or the stupa itself was more important. I told him that both are important. Although we learn a lot from the journey, without the goal, we wouldn’t have determintation and enthusiasm to do what we do.

I related to them a story from my pilgrimage. At that time, I thought about reaching Samye Monastery, which was the destination. But once I reached there, I realized each day of the journey was equally, or even more important. The pilgrimage brought many people into my life and took me into their lives. They taught me to be humble and to receive whatever they gave me. They helped me change myself to become a better person. I told them I saw the same thing with building the stupa.

The stupa would be more than just an object of worship and a symbol of enlightened mind of Buddha. It will be a living practice, an inspiration, a reminder of cycle of life and death. And most of all, the stupa will connect people’s mind with Buddha’s mind and connect their minds together.

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