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A Day with Memorable Episodes

In ten minutes it will be midnight and it will be time to retire for the day. I reflected on what happened today. The day started late but was full of memorable episodes.

I arrived at the foundation house to find Bo and two other young friends waiting there. The new friends are from Chiang Rai. Their names are Din and Bee. The former speaks Tibetan and is practicing Tibetan medicine; the latter works for special children and the center for learning there. We exchanged our stories in the foundation’s shop which has now become a place to rest our soul. It’s wonderful to talk to young people who are becoming guiding stars in Thai society.

After they left, Nuch came unexpectedly with her father and their sick dog. Yontan and I performed a ritual for the dog requesting in particular the three Guru’s and Tara’s blessings. The moment I touched its head while reciting Tara’s mantra, I felt love and bond between us – a human being and an unknown dog, and between the dog and my student and her father…

Then Bo and I talked about the foundation’s and Khadiravana’s future, our ten-year plan. The talk led us to an idea of holding a workshop that applies ancient wisdom in modern context and brings nature and spirituality into our everyday living.

After I got home, we recited body offering and performed burnt offering. I thought about intense suffering of countless hungry ghosts and bardo beings. Thinking about their suffering which we actually experience in our life is enough to convince us to maximize the use of our precious human birth and strive for enlightenment which is an urgent business.

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