We visited Pharping on June 14, 2008. The place is a famous hilly meditation site, about an hour by car ride from Kathmandu. The site is a holy complex containing self-emanating Tara temple, holy Asura cave, and Vajra Yogini temple. The picture showed the top area of Pharping, where pilgrims go to hang prayer flags. In the picture we are preparing to hang our prayer flags there after making an offering to Dharmapalas and throwing wind horse paper for auspiciousness in the air.

Gods or ghosts are all generated from our mind. May hungrey beings be well, and may our mind be free from conception and negative emotions.

Finger print of a mahasiddha believed to be Guru Padmasambhava’s according to Nyingma account, or Chungtrul Rinpoche’s according to Bonpo account. Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche rightly pointed to us: “Whosever blessing it is, it’s not as important as the wholehearted belief that the finger print contains true blessing of a master. Suspicion won’t take us anywhere.”

An old practitioner delighted to see faithful visitors.

K. Glaang on the way to Asura cave.

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