Stupa Symbolism

Symbolic Representation of the Stupa

Flaming Sword – shows that all passions are destroyed by the perfect knowledge of the Buddha.
Two Garuda Horns – represents two truths
Umbrella – symbol of protection from the elements of fire, wind, and rain, and Buddha’s kindness in protecting sentient beings.
Thirteen Wheels – represent the complete knowledge of the Buddha and a path of 13 bhumis which lead to enlightenment.
Treasure Vase – displays the nature of the Buddha.
Four Immeasurable Thoughts – Four kindesses of the Buddhas, namely loving-kindness, compassion, happiness and equanimity.
Sumeru – represents the center of the universe and abundance.
Pile of Elements – consists of five elements of the realms of sentient beings.

The Potala steps leading to the inner mani khola and the temple of four Buddhas. These will constitute the first and second phases of the construction work.

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