Friendship Doesn’t Take Time to Establish

August 6, 2008

This morning Dr. Prapai Boongrapu (พญ. ประไพ บุญกระพือ) came to visit us. I met her at a workshop for cancer patients in May, organized by the Mittaparp Bambad or Friendship Therapy group. She came to attend my talk on Tibetan spirituality and how to take care of cancer patients. She came to the foundaiton with her son Khun Artcha, director of the Human Link Center, Eli Renous, and Eli’s wife and daughter.

Today is Eli’s birthday anniversary and Dr. Prapai’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was wonderful that they wanted to come to the Foundation on their special days. We presented a White Tara thangka gift to Dr. Prapai and a thangka of 1000 armed Chenrezi to Mr. Eli. May both of them enjoy long life and happiness always.

Both Dr. Prapai and Mr. Eli made applications to become new Pandara members. We are grateful to their donations to the Fouundation’s activities.

Khun Artcha discussed with me on how Pandara and Human Link Center can work together to promote peace and love beyond religious and ethnic boundaries.

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