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Making Calligraphy Pens

Preparing for calligraphy class:

Yesterday we prepared 45 bamboo pens after knowing that 13 students registered for the class. Each student will be given a gift of pens of various tips for their practice at home. We use bamboo at the foundation house. This bamboo tree is about 40 years old. For Tibetans, the older bamboo is, the better.

A good calligraphy pen needs bamboo with a joint. Having a joint signifies power of wisdom and longevity.

Sacred syllable “Hung” representing Buddha’s mind.

Yontan tried each newly made pen by writing this syllable.

Everything involved is considered a Dharma practice.

Pens of three different tips for writing three different scripts.

Noi and Kham are helping Yontan, with Jumbo’s poking around.

Tibetan traditional knowledge is gradually transmitted and preserved in Thailand.

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