Welcome to the Sangha of Pandara Volunteers

Another Way of Contribution and How to Put Dharma into Everyday Living

The Thousand Stars (Pandara) Foundation is growing with many new activities and projects. We realize how important it is to have friends work with us to achieve our goals of preserving eastern and Tibetan ancient wisdom, bringing happiness to sentient beings and contributing to world peace.

Volunteering is an opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, resources with others. More importantly, it is a way to transform yourself on this Bodhisattva path. With Dharma in your heart, difficult work does not bring frustration or despair. Instead, it is a chance for contemplation, reflection, a reminder to be more mindful, more aware and more compassionate, a way to deal with personal obstacles, and an exercise to put Dharma practice into everyday living.

Upcoming projects that need volunteers:

1. Conference on “Mind and Life” and Exhibitions on Shanti Tara Maha Stupa and Tibetan Medicine, August 29-30, 2008.

2. Exhibitions on Thousand Stars Foundation and Tibetan Medicine at Chulalongkorn Hospital, September 1-2, 2008.

3. Project of Growing 10,000 Khadira Trees at Tara Khadiravana Retreat Center. We’ll dedicate our merit to His Majesty the King for his selfless work on forest preservation. Expected dates: September or October.

4. Newsletter Project: Sarn Pandara#8

5. Ambassadors of Peace Project

Volunteer qualifications:

– Want to give and want to learn from others

– Interested in the Foundation’s activities and appreciate it’s goals and objectives

-Committed to the works assigned

A volunteer needs not know anything about Tibet, does not have to be a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. Pandara Sangha is a group that goes beyond sectarianism, ethnicity and any discriminatory label.

Interested persons, kindly contact Worawanna at 1000tara@gmail.com.

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