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Prayer to Lama Ogyen Who Built Bodhnath Great Stupa

When the Mahavajraydhara, Padmasambhava from O-rgyan, had erected the Tathagata Stupa Kha-shor,

In the same way as different wishes were made by the Jinas of the three families at that time:

May also my wishes and those of all sentient beings be fulfilled – like the wishes of Guru Padmasambhava!

Grace-treasure of all the Buddhas of the tree times, stupa Kha-shor, the great, not different form the untouchable stupa, glorious and excellent,

Whatever wishes were uttered here, by myself and by others: may they be fulfilled -like the wishes of Padmasambhava!

Where the teacher’s heart and one’s mind are not different,

In the presence of Natural Knowing, which realizes by itself each and every thing –

May strict discipline that attains to unerring trust bring about quickly my welfare and that of others!

Rang-rig ras-pa (17th century)

From: “Views of the Bodnath-Stupa” by Franz-Karl Ehrhard

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