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Stupa Story

Life is wonderful. This is what I feel, every time I think of my work and the direction Pandara (Thousand Stars Foundation) is taking. I’m an ordinary person who gets a chance to build a great stupa, symbol of peace and love for the sake of sentient beings.

Looking at the stupa model, I pray for more and more people to appreciate the work and be part of this meaningful project, and for the inner stupa to be built in their heart.

I think of a story Mongyay Lhasay Rinpoche told us in January this year when he came to perform the stupa ceremony and supervised the layout design. He talked about a woman who raised poultry.  In spite of her mean livelihood, she decided to build a stupa. The king granted her permission, and so the poultry woman and her sons undertook the great task.

Although the people in Nepal at that time were distressed at the size of the edifice and protested to the king. The latter stood by his decision, as he had previously granted permission to the project. This is how Bodnath stupa is called “Permission to Do What’s Proper” (Jarung Khashor in Tibetan).

The mother died before the stupa was finished. The sons continued the construction and they made an oath that led to a later collective meeting in Tibet, where they built the great monastery of Samye.

The sons are Shantaraksita, King Trisong Deutsen and Guru Padmasambhava.

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