Mind & Life (1)

At a corner of heated Bangkok, a conference brought together people of various fields to look at the most obscure yet important thing in our life: Mind.

After an opening speech by Prof. Pranee, the keynote speaker Prof. Charas gave an address on five skandas and cognitive science.

Prof. Prasarn talked about mind and universe.

Well-attended conference hall

A round table in the afternoon led by two philosophers (Dr. Soraj & Prof. Somparn), a neurologist (Prof. Anant) and a social activist (Dr. Woody)

Mr. Fu of the Chinese Embassy conveyed his well wishes for the Stupa project.

Enjoying the exhibiton in the elegant hall of Mahachulalongkorn Building.

Painting of veins, channels and chakras.

After preparation for many days, Shane of Serindia Publications is still in a cheerful spirit.

Human embryology, root of diagnosis & other medical paintings

Shanti Tara Maha Stupa & Khadiravana layout

May the Stupa be finished soon!

Krisadawan led Khun Sompetch of IQ Lab a guided tour. Khun Sompetch kindly printed these medical paintings on display without any charge.

The model of the Stupa and its reflections

After conference, we found Dr. Woody in his relaxed mood.

Thanks to these devoted students,

Mind and Life brought happiness to the audience.

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