Khadiravana, Sanctuary of Mind

On August 31 Soraj, Yontan and I had a good opportunity to take Prof. Ide to Khadiravana. She said she enjoyed every bit of it, particularly the walk from the mango grove to my retreat house (before it poured down heavily). In Japan she said electronic waves are everywhere and there is little chance to walk to enjoy nature. It seems Khadiravana will be an important sanctuary for people in this technology age.

Hanging prayer flags.

Growing Khadira. “I’ll keep coming back to see the progress of this acacia,” said Sachiko.

Khadira or acacia catechu is blooming for the first time.

Banana is also grown on the land. It will make an ideal food for retreatants.

Resting at Kris’s retreat house and discussing Kris’s linguistic future.

Prayer flags, mango and mountains – Khadiravana from the front gate.

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