Mind & Life (4)

Emaho! Only 10 minutes Khun Ek gave us another Shanti Tara Maha Stupa.

Kris with Prof. Sachiko Ide, leading scholar of Japan and president of the prestigious International Pragmatic Association.

Who is Bhaisajayaguru? Why do you want the Stupa? How do Tibetans view illnesses? These are among the questions Khun Manoj of the Nation asked us. The interview and the news of the exhibitions will be published in this newspaper soon.

Yontan, Kris, Shane posted with Khun Sompetch on the first day.

Prof. Ide gave a talk on Japanese language and mind.

Shane gave an overview on Tibetan medical paintings to the Pandara Surin group.

Ajarn Setapong, expert of Chinese Buddhism talked about mind in Chinese conception and belief.

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