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With Gratitude

Mind and Life will remain in our memory.

Sincere thanks to the following names and everyone who have made this possible. In case I miss anyone, please accept my apologies.

Conference speakers & participants

Dancers: Tam and his friend

Shane Suvikapakornkul of Serindia Publications

Sompetch and Rajana of IQ Lab

Vancelee Teng for the lovely photos of the Himalayas

MCs: Pakphum and Pe

Pandara Surin group: Dr. Bundit, Pe, Choy, Joy

Linguistic students, Tibetan students & volunteers who tirelessly worked till the last minute: Miao, Nuch, Sumethee, Nat Lhamo, Nut, Pusadee, Dol, Muk, Bo, Lert

Linguistic students at the Center of Excellence for Language, Linguistics and Literature, namely Suwadee, Khachen, Jirach and Parinya for allowing us to use their office as a secretariat.

Stupa model moving team: Jakrit and his friends

Mahachulalongkorn hall: Khun Thanu and his staff

Pandara executive board, particularly Jick, Emaho, Dr. Bundit, Soraj and the architects (Lek, Klaang, Jun).

Khun Pranee (Yizhin Drolma) couldn’t join the event but made a contribution for the snacks.

Dr. Woody kindly contributed 20 books of Dharmodynamics to the Fair.

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