Please Finish the Stupa!

Nadia & Nana in their official post.

Two girls are joyfully circumambulating the stupa model – one in a clockwise manner, the other anti-clockwise. In their heart both directions are right. And this is the way things should be. We gave them each a Tibetan khatak to celebrate Nadia’s (the younger one) upcoming birthday. Their mother (Jick) asked them to make contributions to the Stupa. They took out some coins and a 20-baht note and put them in the donation box. A little voice makes a wish: “Please finish the Stupa!”. Just simple words but they mean a lot. Hope the little wish will come true soon.

1 thought on “Please Finish the Stupa!

  1. jick

    My children thoughts and actions always teach me to look for simplicity of life and the way to deal with everythings… no judgement, sponteneous, positive and joyful.
    On the way home they were very happy…
    Thank you very much kha Ajarn to offer something different yet meaningful to Nana & Nadia


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