Connecting with the Teacher

Today is Guru Padmasambhava’s day (the 10th of the month). I wish to remind practitioners to think of Guru Rinpoche and to pray to him for well being of all sentient beings.

When we talk about Guru Rinpoche, we think of a teacher as a manifestation (nirmanakaya) of Buddha in a human form. Without such a teacher who shows the way to enlightenment, we have no way to come to know our inner wisdom.

A simple way to be connected with Guru Rinpoche is to recite his mantra:

Om ah hung bandza guru pema siddhi hung

(โอม อา ฮุง บันซา กูรู เปมา สิทธิ ฮุง หรือเขียนแบบสันสกฤตว่า โอม อา หูม วัชระ คุรุ ปัทมะ สิทธิ หูม).

For those who received Guru Rinpoche empowerment from Lhasay Rinpoche and used to make an offering to Guru Chimed Num Sum (Three Guru Rinpoches) at the Foundation House, please continue to do so at your home. I hope we’ll be able to organize a group retreat soon.

Next important date: September 24 (Dakini Day).

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