Honorary Architect’s Visit

Today Shane brought Robert Powell, a famous architect to the Foundation House. Among his classic books is Earth Door Sky Door, paintings of Mustang (Serindia Publication). Mustang is an ancient Tibetan kingdom in the north of Nepal.

Rob came to know about our Stupa project through Anthony Aris, who visited us earlier. Anthony is the twin brother of Michael Aris’s (Aung San Suu Kyi’s late husband) and is my old friend whom I met when I did a five-month research at Oxford University.

With Anthony Aris. After 6 years we met again.

It was wonderful that Lek, Klaang and Ek could join us. We talked about the Stupa and Khadiravana layouts and Rob’s remarkable paintings of China, Mustang and Nepal. Copies of his unique paintings will soon be distributed at Serindia Gallery (www.serindiagallery.com).

Lek introduces the Stupa to Rob.

Discussing the Stupa blueprint.

Looking at Emaho’s sketches of various stupas drawn from inspirations of Tibet and the Himalayas.

Retreat cabins designed by Jun (Cholatis) to be built at Khadiravana. Rob said: “The only suggestion is the roof to protect from rain; the rest is perfect.”

Rob’s creation (Mustang’s door with goatskin).

Another marvelous painting of Mustang house.

Posting with Hungchen Rinpoche’s portrait (Emaho’s drawing) and the stupa model in the background.

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