Progress on the Seed of Peace Project

Two little seeds so-called “BBs” (BB is from Bamboo) are watered with love and tendered with care in a home with father, mother, two sisters and a doggie.


Each seed represents growth, hope and beauty of nature, which Pandara wants to plant in people’s heart. It was launched for the first time at the seminar on “Tibetan spirituality and how to take care of patients” organized by the Surin Pandara group at Surin Hospital on May 25, 2008.

In this home the life of BBs is not different from that of a nomad. It moved from the garden, to a living room, and a bedroom to avoid being eaten by a neighbor cat. At night it stays inside. In the daytime it goes out to receive fresh air. But when it rains, it has to be taken inside again. Finally, the family decides to give it an umbrella to protect from all dangers.

Now BBs grow quickly. They will enjoy their permanent home at Khadiravana in the near future.

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