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Sewing Prayer Flags

Since yesterday (Sep 27) we have been sewing prayer flags. Thanks to the following friends who came to help out despite their busy schedule: Jick, Nana and Nadia, Nat, K. Pom of Paedriw, Dream, Sumethee, Dr. Kittirat, Phii O, Phii Noi, and particularly Nuch, who has been with us since Saturday morning. Thanks are also due to Supachok for taking care of the cloth, screening and materials. And we appreciate Noi and Kham, who not only look after our well being but also dedicate themselves to this task.

Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon

We still have many flags to sew and need a portable sewing machine. More volunteers are welcome to join us. From tomorrow till Friday we’ll start the work from 1 pm till late evening. We hope to finish the work by this coming weekend.

The edges of five colors represening five natural elements:

Earth (yellow), water (white), fire (red), wind (green) and sky (blue).

Skillful Tibetan hands

Cutting, sewing and enjoying each other’s company – Sunday afternoon

“It’s easier to sew a prayer flag than to do operation.”

Aj. Helen Jundamit brought her special friends Patricia and Helen to the Foundation House to visit our projects and the sewing team.

Pat is happy with a mantra flag in her hands.

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