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1000 Mantra and Fruit of Friendship

The work of sewing prayer flags was completed. We are grateful to all the volunteers who devoted their time and energy to this great merit making. More volunteers include Ajarn Helen, Pranee, Pang, Eh, and Nut. Dr. Kittirat and Phii O came later on Saturday (Oct 5). After the work was completed, we watched the movie Himalaya and drank delicious cups of old Tibetan tea together.

In one week we have sewn 2,250 prayer flags. Each flag contains 1000 mantras. All together there are 2,250,000 mantras. May the merit that we have done together bring peace and happiness to Thailand and the entire universe!

Tomorrow the flags will be transported to where they belong: Khadiravana. In a few days they will be tied to form a mantra stupa.

Om Ah Hung Bendza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

Wisdom Mother of Loving Kindness mantra

Result of friendship

Another loving scene

The couple who is behind all the success

Supachok gives an interview to the Nation Weekly in the library/stupa room on Saturday. Thanks to Supachok, the prayer flags could be made in Thailand.

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