Vasutara Meditation Pavillion

Tuesday October 7, 2008

Jun, Yontan and I went to check on the progress of the construction of Vasutara meditation pavillion and to look for the site where we’ll build a small residence/retreat house for spiritual masters at Khadiravana. It’s wonderful to see the rising structure and the beautiful work. We do hope the pavillion will be finished by the time we go planting trees.

We are grateful to Khun Jaroen for facilitating the trip by sending a four wheel with a driver and a builder.

Another lovely view of the front side.

The road inside. Hopefully we’ll be able to ride a bike on the land soon.

Vasutara and the site for mantra stupa.

Male toilets with blue doors: 3 toilets and 2 shower rooms

Female toilets with red doors

Detail of the iron work

Yontan & Jun

Front lake with the pavillion and mantra stupa (to be built) in the background

Mountain support at the back of Khadiravana

Khadiras planted by lamas.

Next to these is where we’ll build a residence/retreat house for lamas who will visit Khadiravana.

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