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Colors of Joy

We went back to Khadiravana today to see the progress of the building of a mantra stupa. This is the third one being built on the land. Wishing everyone come to see these colors of joy.

After the building began, we realize we need to make more prayer flags. If there is a need to call upon volunteers to sew new flags, I’ll make an announcement in this blog. We do hope the building of the mantra stupa will be completed before November 1 when we’ll have the planting event.

40% of the work completed in two days

Waves of mantra

In the embrace of natural elements

Prachum (on Kris’s left) supervises the building of mantra stupa,

With Lerd (on the right) as his main assistant.

The structure of Vasutara pavillion in the background.

The ornaments on top: sun, moon and victory banner.

Tiny reflection in the water

Wangmo, a new female kitten found on the land

Inside the mantra stupa of clear light

After some time the colors will fade away and the cloth will tear out

Reminding us of impermanence and emptiness.

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  1. The colors are so bright they will radiate throughout the land. Too bad I was not around to see the Stupa myself. All who helped with creation of this Stupa creates a huge amount of merit.

    May peace and auspiciousness prevail!

    October 15, 2008

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