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Khadiravana Before Treeplanting Event

Mantra stupa in progress

Volunteers last week

We delivered more flags to Khun Prachum yesterday. We are grateful to Supachok for coordinating with the screening team. Thanks to Nuch and her parents, Miao and her friend, K. Pannipa and her daughter Nong Orm, Phii O, Nut and her sister, Noi, Kham, and Hom for their help with the sewing of the second batch of prayer flags. We could deliver them in time.

Under Buddha’s shade of love and compassion

Thanks to my mom for contributing 100 Moke trees.

They are grown right away around the restroom area.

10 toilets & bathrooms to facilitate visitors and participants

Tabaek in bloom

Jun oversees the construction with the local supervisor Chang Pramuan.

A visit by K. Warale yesterday. Picture taken at the back of the land.

Back of the land with the first mantra stupa (built in February 2007)

Nuch took 20 little Bodhi trees and bamboo trees grown out of love by her parents to Khadiravana yesterday. Some of the Bodhi will be grown together with Khadira on November 1.

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