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Giving Life to Trees (1)

The big days were over, and Khadiravana returned to quiet life again. I want to thank all the 50 participants and visitors for giving life to trees and plants and for sharing our spirit to make the land Khadiravana, abode of Tara on earth.

We prostrate to Buddha, meditate on the teacher who leads way to enlightenment and on emptiness, pray to Tara and world peace, exchange our views on Tibet, and get to know each other inside this beautiful mantra stupa.

I am grateful to friends and students who helped me run the event, particularly Jick, Pranee, Nuch, and Miao. Thanks to K. Ou of Happy Media for helping us conduct a session in the mantra stupa. Nat translated the talks in English to our international participants. Khun Jun did the wonderful work for the toilets and Vasutara Sala. Khun Prachum solved all the technical problems efficiently. Last but not least, I thank my parents for their great support and help out with gardening, beddings and food.

Here are wonderful memories (more pictures will be posted later):

Oct 31: Jun came to Khadiravana early nd stayed on till the lighting

for the restrooms was done around 9 pm.

Khun Methee (engineer – black t-shirt) drove Jun to the land and helped with the supervision till late evening.

Clearing the land for a beautiful landscape between the restrooms and Sala. The guys in yellow are professional gardeners from Hua-Hin.

Working on the Sala till the last minute. Now the iron structure is almost finished. This coming week we’ll work on the roof and skylight. In a week the Vasutara Sala would be Khadiravana’s first permanent meditation and classroom building.

Mantra Stupa and Vasutara Sala with their reflections in the water

Planting Khadira on the first day in the midst of hot sun

Jampee came to Khadiravana as well.

Among the planters

One of the zones where Khadiras were planted is here.

Planting a tree of Bodhicitta

I never expected to see this picture of little Ken digging the soil.

Around 500 Khadiras are planted in front, at the water bank, and around the western border up to half of the land.

Evening stroll toward the great banyan tree after all the work is finished.

Reward of nature – view of Khadiravana before sunset

Spectacular clouds

And more spectacular views. Yontan said mother nature rejoiced in our wholesome deed.


This morning we prayed and meditated together again. The session ended with hanging prayer flags for auspiciousness.

Shane, Elizabeth and Bill drove all the way from Bangkok to join the planting group this morning.

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