Lovely Memories from the Kathmandu Valley Style

The Serindia new book launch and sale at Paragon yesterday was a great success with more than 100 people visiting the exhibition and the reception. Everything was possible because of the skillful hands of the publisher Shane, who did a marvellous work in organizing it.

Thanks to the Pandara students and friends who wholeheartedly volunteer to take care of the exhibition: Miao, Nuch, Mark, Fluke, Nut, including Jaroen and his wife. We are grateful to Vichat for kindly moderating the event, and Phii O, who came early and stayed with us till the reception was over. 


Participants are reading the Khadiravana panel.


Shane’s family: mother, younger brother and little niece 


Because of his vision to share knowledge of the Himalayas with the public in Thailand, this event means more than just a book launch. 


Shane with Lisa Chogyal, one of the KVS authors 


Traditional and modern architectural styles become one of Nepal’s world attractions and heritages.



Participants of all walks of life who love this fascinating country. The event was honored by a visit by a representative from the Royal Nepal Embassy. 



Flower mandala, a beautiful creation of seeds, beans and roses. It’s worth it just to come and see this amazing arrangement. It’s a product of human aesthetic imagination.





img_0055Faces of Pandara big team: Nut, Miao, Nuch and Phii O.

The exhibition continutes till November 13.  

1 thought on “Lovely Memories from the Kathmandu Valley Style

  1. Patrick McCormick

    Dear Shane and Phi Krisadawan,

    Congratulations on what appears to have been a great success! Your pictures make me envious – it looks like you were quite creative with the space and I see many familiar faces. I only wish I could have been there. May this be the first of many future successes.



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