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Mother Nature

We watched Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams at home this evening. Although the film was made in 1990, its message is still fresh and relevant to our everyday living. In one of the dreams depicted in the movie, an old villager who chose to live his life with “spiritual health,” rather than with modern technology said the only thing that means most to human beings is clean air and clean water. But due to stupidity they pollute air and water, cut down trees, have no food, and live short lives.

Kurosawa’s Dreams brings an important message to humanity. Let us help each other protect mother nature and preserve it for the next generations. Don’t let anyone destroy mountains and contempt the sacred earth we live in. 

But simply realizing the importance of outer nature isn’t enough. We need an awakening within, as outer and inner nature are inseparable. If we act like the old man in the above dream, we may be regarded as old fashioned or provincial. But we will be the happiest person who lives long and enjoys every bit of our existence.

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