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More Photos from Dream Mandala/Detox Event


Buddha images specially placed at a beautiful altar, Vasutara Sala

in-relaxed-moodIn relaxing mood

happy-smilesHappy smiles when everything went well

maiHappy Birthday to Mai!

bo-ellaHello from Bo & Ella

yontanYontan, who is behind all the creative work


Bo & Mai on the newly made grass carpet in front of the toilets & Sala

junJun & Emaho came to help and joined the first day’s activity.

sala-before-peo-comeVasutara shines in the sun –

Late morning of 6 March, the final preparation day.

welcome-backWelcome back!

Thanks to K. Oi, K. Yew and the W&H staff; Pandara team both in Bangkok (Nuch, Nut, Pranee) and at the site (Jick, Jun, Emaho, Yontan and the workers and their wives); Phorak catering team; the media and the participants who made “Body-Mind Detox”one of Pandara’s unforgettable experiences.


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