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Day of Joy (2)

Thousand Stars has been in Thailand for four years. We were registered on February 10, 2005. At that time, there were very few of us and we didn’t even have a foundation house. Now we grow having more friends and doing more work.

Thanks to everyone who came to the celebration and to other friends who couldn’t come but have been with us all along. We are committed to bring starlight to the world.

This is our heart in Bangkok.

Ven. Dr. Anil and other venerables visit the library and appreciate the stupa project.
“Temde” blessing & New Year celebration – Tibetan style
Ven. Dr. Anil’s talk on mind training and self development was an inspiration to all of us. Its message is simple but profound: to look inside to get to know more about yourself. That is how you can tame your mind. When you look at a Buddha image, don’t ask for outer power. If the image has any supernatural power, it’s from your own mind when it can perceive Buddha as a role model, the supreme teacher who goes beyond defilements.
Happy Birthday to Bo Kuhn, who turned 27 yesterday. We gave him a vajra mantra. May Guru Rinpoche bless you always!

Khadiravana in Bo Lalida’s imagination. The Shanti Tara stupa is there already!
The two nomad teachers with naughty students
A congratulation and thank-you card containing these two pictures is a lovely surprise to me and Yontan. Bo Lalida drew it with Nuch’s assistance the night before the celebration.
“Dream Mandala” group also came.
Happy smiles from the staff “Saiyai Pandara”

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  1. Yidrol #

    เรียน อาจารย์กฤษ
    ขออนุญาตนำบทความจากOWBAW.ORG/2009 และแสดงความยินดีในการรับรางวัลนี้ในวันที่ 6 มี.ค.52 ที่จะถึงนี้

    Hall of Outstanding Women in Buddhism
    2009 Award Recipients

    Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom
    Associate Professor Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom is an expert on Tibet , having authored numerous articles, papers, monographs and books. Her research on Tibetan Linguistics and the Anthropology of Tibet has been sponsored by numerous distinguished foundations.
    Her book At Earth Dust, describes her pilgrimage of prostration in Tibet . Five months after her pilgrimage she resigned from her prestigious academic career at Thailand ’s leading university, Chulalongkorn University , to dedicate the rest of her life to spiritual practice.
    Now, Dr. Krisadawan is President of the Thousand Stars Foundation, which was established in 2004. It aims to promote the ancient wisdom and culture of Tibet . She is introducing Vajrayana Buddhism to Thailand , and has organized 25 academic seminars and lectures, as well as, 10 empowerment rituals performed by lamas and rinpoches from Tibet . Dr. Krisadawan also supports the education of Tibetan Buddhist nuns. In the past 10 years, she has been in and out of Tibet over 40 times.
    Dr. Krisadawan’s next project is building a Great Stupa to Tara, the female Bodhisattva, on 10.5 hectacres of land in Hua Hin , Thailand . Here she is creating the Khadiravana Retreat Center .
    Dr. Krisadawan is pioneering the introduction of Vajrayana Buddhism in Thailand .

    March 3, 2009
  2. Krisadawan Hongladarom #

    ขอบคุณค่ะ รางวัลนี้เป็นของสายใยพันดาราและทุกๆคนที่มีจิตใจอยากทำความดี ความเหนื่อยยากจากการทำงานการกุศลด้วยจิตเมตตากรุณานำมาซึ่งวันแห่งความสุขนี้ ขอให้รางวัลเป็นกำลังใจแก่ทุกๆคนที่อยากทำความดี เป็นเสมือนผ้าเช็ดหน้าซับเหงื่อ เป็นเสมือนสายลมในวันอากาศร้อนจัด เป็นบ่อน้ำในทะเลทราย เพื่อให้เราเดินก้าวไปข้างหน้าอย่างไม่โดดเดี่ยวและเพื่อให้เรากล้าพาเพื่อนพ้องทั้งหลายให้ร่วมเดินไปกับเราด้วย

    March 3, 2009

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