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Vasutara Opening & Tara Empowerment

The Thousand Stars Foundation is pleased to invite members and interested persons to attend the opening ceremony of the Vasutara Sala (meditation pavillion) and to receive a Tara empowerment from Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche on Saturday 14 March 2009 at Khadiravana Center, Hua-Hin.

Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche is abbot of Jyekundo monastery, eastern Tibet and tulku of Tashigang Monastery, Lhasa. Rinpoche is an expert of Sakyapa teaching (he has published 21 volumes of the teaching of Sakyapa masters). His Tara lineage can be traced back to Jowo Atisha in the 11-12 centuries A.D.

Rinpoche has been to Thailand many times despite his busy schedule in China and has given several empowerments to students in Thailand, such as on 21 Taras, Manjushri and Avalokiteshvara.

14 March 2009
10.30 Arrival at Khadiravana
11.30 Vasutara Sala Opening Ceremony
11.45 Lunch
13.00 Khadiravani Tara Empowerment
15.00 Refreshments
15.30 Departure

*No registration fees* Donations to Rinpoche are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Christel #

    looking foreward to attend –

    have visited Jyekundo monastaery 2006, but not met Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche that time.

    March 9, 2009

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