Award Ceremony


Finally, the day we were looking forward to had come. It’s a great (though very long) day with joy and uplifted spirit. I’m grateful to Soraj, Yontan, Jick, Nuch & Nut, who shared my happiness today. Yidrol couldn’t join us but sent us some fruits. The award is dedicated to Jetsun Tara and our Bodhisattva’s work. May beings be well and in peace!





The day started with nuns’ chant. Great time for contemplation




The award is to encourage us to continue working and caring for others.

With Debra Travis of Tara Mandala. It’s a joy to find a sister in dharma.

Dr. Charika of Sri Lanka who has been fighting for women’s and girls’ rights.

with-rosanaWith Senator Rosana, a woman of great courage

Bhikkunis give blessing

Among the awardees: Sensei Carol, Debra (on behalf of Lama Tsutrim), Janice Wallis


Pandara team. The award is for them as well as it’s for me.

Supporting Stars

4 thoughts on “Award Ceremony

  1. jick

    It was really a wonderful event. Although it was long but it was arranged in such a positive and optimistic atmosphere. At one point I was thinking of the power of women and their ability to change the world. All share commonality of unconditional love , determination, compassion and desire to make a better world…and that inspire me to be a better person..Thank you kha Ajarn for giving me an opportunity to see the world from different angles and continue to be my inspiration. Congratulation again na kha

  2. Krisadawan Hongladarom Post author

    I thought of the Thai expression “be polite but not weak”. Women sometimes think they have no ability to do a daunting work. But with unweaving determination and unconditioned love, everything is possible. The event encourages us to think bigger and brings us great sisters from all over the globe.


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