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With Gratitude

The recent empowerment, opening ceremony, anger retreat at Khadiravana and Rinpoche’s other teachings in Bangkok were a success because of kindheartedness and egoless service of Thousand Stars staff, particularly Jick, Yidrol, Nuch, Nut and Dream. We also would like to thank Ram for translating Rinpoche’s teaching into English.

We are grateful to all kinds of supports & donations as follows. Some of them are for Rinpoche’s trip to Chiang Mai & Lampoon this coming weekend (21-22 March).

Supports in Kind

*My parents and  their friends in Hua-Hin sponsored lunch, snacks & drinks for the event on Saturday 14 March.

*K Tu & Pu provided two pots of Thai traditional dessert.

*Yidrol took care of the expenses related to transportation and made prints of Khadiravani Tara, which were distributed to the audience. 

*K Narumon gave us 5 Bodhi trees, two of when were planted by Rinpoche on the auspicious occasion after the empowerment was over. 

*Jick helped with xeroxing at the last minute of the booklet on Tara. She contributed 2000 baht to help with Rinpoche’s car rental in Chiang Mai. In addition, she paid  her own way to China to help bring Tibetan goods for the Foundation.

*Dream contributed an amount of 20,000 baht for Rinpoche’s plane tickets.

*Tibetan students (Nuch, Nut, Dream, Bank, Bo) made a donation of 3,100 baht for Rinpoche’s accommodation in Chaing Mai.

Donation to Rinpoche

Soon after the Tara empowerment on 14 March, the Foundation presented Rinpoche an amount of 18,540 baht. This includes contributions from attendees of the empowerment as well as the retreat.

Thanks so much for all of your great support which made Rinpoche’s teaching in Thailand possible.

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