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Rinpoche’s Trip to the North (2)

Dharma Talk at Wat Srisupan & Guided Meditation on Buddha’s Compassion




On Sunday (21 March) we left for Pratat Doi Suthep in the morning and went back to Wat Srisupan in the afternoon for dharma teaching. When we got there, many people have already arrived. Among the group were Nong Phu’s family from Bangkok, Jamie of Shambhala Center, his wife and friends, the temple’s sangha, their lay disciples and other people. Bo helped me with the translation into English.


Rinpoche talked about three kinds of vow: Pratimoksa vow, aspiration to renounce the samsara, Bodhisattva vow, aspiration to help sentient beings to be liberated from the samsara, and Tantric vow, aspiration to attain enlightenment in one’s lifetime through skillful methods.


Rinpoche then guided us on how to meditate on Buddha’s great compassion and receive quick blessing from him. Vajrayana Buddhist way of meditation by visualizing that the Buddha and the master are inseparable is an efficient way for the practitioner to attain siddhi (achievement) quickly. He also introduced the audience to two stages of meditation, namely kerim (generation stage) and dzogrim (perfection stage). In the first stage we visualize Buddha on a lotus & moon base and think that Buddha’s light dissolves into us. In the second stage, we don’t do any visualization but put our mind in one and the same as all phenomena perceiving everything as emptiness.



After the talk, the abbot presented Rinpoche some offerings and a statue of Buddha. It was truly a special experience and a great joy for us to see a Tibetan master giving a dharma talk in a Theravada temple and to receive a warm welcome. We thank Wat Srisuphan for their hospitality and we extend to them our warmest wishes for their projects of constructing the silver ubosot and of preserving Lanna silver craftmanship.

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