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Rinpoche’s Trip to the North (3)


Monday (22 March) we headed for Pratat Haripunchai in Lampun, about 2o minutes away from Chiang Mai. Nong Phu, K. Daeng and K. Orn (his parents) and Bo also joined us. I had many good occasions to come to Lampun and each time the visit to Pratat brought a special feeling. In the Ubosot, Rinpoche was approached by an Indian Thai, who asked Rinpoche to sit and meditate with him. His name is Ramesh. Hee requested Rinpoche to go to his shop, which sells water, coca cola, beer and alcohol. We went there and met with his wife and son, sat there for some time to enjoy Indian tea, and moved on to his house to visit his mother. They served Rinpoche delicious Indian bread. After lunch, Rinpoche blessed their prayer room, which is a unique combination of Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist shrines.

Then Ramesh took us to Chamdevi Temple, an old temple dedicated to Queen Chamdevi of Haripunchai. The visit with this stranger who befriended Rinpoche ended at his unfinished construction project near the temple. He requested Rinpoche to bless it and remove his obstacles. We all wish Ramesh a good luck and I do hope his wish to become a Buddhist monk will be fulfilled soon.

Before heading back to Chiang Mai to board the evening plane, we stopped at a beautiful Thai Lue-style house owned by Daeng’s & Orn’s friend. There we met with Ajarn Suthee, who is a painter. It’s extremely warm and each of us had to ask for a quick shower. That afternoon I took an opportunity to visit my old friend Venetia Walkey and her Dharma Park gallery in Pasang. Her achievement and dedication inspired me a great deal. She asked Rinpoche to give her a short dharma talk. And he did emphasizing on three essential elements of Vajrayana Buddhism: loving kindness, compassion and bodhicitta.

Although the trip was short, it was a great one with Rinpoche’s spontaneous teachings and warm friendship of those we have met on the way. I’d like to thank Bo for all the delicious meals and for generously giving his time to us. Thanks are also due to Ella and Nong Phu’s family. I appreciate the lovely moments we spent together. I’m grateful to Jick for preparing the plane ticket & rented van, and Nuch for arranging an accommodation for us.




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  1. Champagne #

    I am very impressed by your great effort and the culmination of Tibetan and Deravatha buddhism.

    March 24, 2009
    • Krisadawan Hongladarom #

      Sectarianism limits our heart and increases our self clinging.

      March 25, 2009

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