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We Are Tara’s Children (1)


We started the day in a relaxing way but got busy around noon preparing torma and other things for a Tara empowerment.  It’s a long way from our house in Nonthaburi to Sathira-Dharmasathan in Ramindra. Thanks to Soraj, who drove us there and stayed till the end of the ceremony.

We planned the event for 2 hours but it turned out to be nearly 5! Although it was extremely warm and humid today, Rinpoche enjoyed himself in the sweat. He kept saying how remarkable and wonderful things are.

Dr. Siriwan, my old friend from the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University came to greet us. She coordinated the event for us, while Khun Maechee Sansanee, the center’s abbess was in Australia last week. We first paid respect to Buddha’s relics. Rinpoche poured water of Bodhicitta in the center’s historic Bodhi tree. 


At 3 pm we were almost finished with the arrangement of the altar, which is a mandala of Tara and her retinue. Rinpoche put two statues of Tara there – White Tara – Khun Maechee’s gift from Nepal, and Green Tara – an ancient statute of around 1200 years which was buried in Mongolia and presented to Khun Maechee by a kind-hearted Mongolian lady in Canada.


While Rinpoche was reciting the prayer to empower himself, people started coming in till the dharmasala was fully packed. About six nuns and four Mahayana Buddhist monks attended the ceremony. All together there were approximately 200 people who came to the empowerment today.

We sat in a circle facing each other. We are there because of Tara. No matter whether we are men or women, we are Tara’s children. Today we would learn how to do her practice and to request for her quick blessing.

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  1. jick #

    i am glad the event went well kha, it must have a lots of positive energy.

    March 25, 2009
  2. Krisadawan Hongladarom #

    We thought of you today. Looking at everybody’s smile and happy face, I know the event would remain in their memory.

    March 25, 2009

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