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We Are Tara’s Children (2)


After having performed the “wangdrup” ceremony (empowering himself), Rinpoche asked everyone of us to go and watch their head, mouth, hands and feet. It was a ten-minute break of joy & mindfulness which removed drowsiness due to the heat.  Then Rinpoche recited prayers to remove obstacles from this sacred ceremony and to purify our body, speech and mind. He put the ceremonial vase on Khun Maechee’s and everybody’s head and poured a little bit of water in our palms. It’s the holy water that cleansed us. 

Then he introduced the dharma from a Tibetan Buddhist tradition to the audience emphasizing on the three essential elements: loving kindess (metta), compassion (karuna), and aspiration for sentient beings to gain enlightenment (bodhicitta). He told a little story about Tara. Tara is a lady who vowed to gain enlightenment in a female body so that she could inspire women that they too can become Buddha. 


Then Rinpoche performed the empowerment, which consists of three procedures: body empowerment, speech empowerment and mind empowerment. Wearing his hat, Rinpoche asked us to meditate that in front of there is a lotus and a moon disk. On top of the lotus-moon base, Lady Tara appears. Her appearance is Tara, but her essence is our own master. Tara and master are inseparable. Rinpoche explained why there’s a need to visualize the yidam as the master. Yidam grants vast achievement, while the master grants quick blessing. That is why meditating that yidam is one and the same as the master is important.


For body empowerment, we visualize that we have attained Tara’s body, which is free from all defilements. And we are allowed to meditate on her. Meditation without empowerment doesn’t bring result and is risky. Body empowerment purifies us from bodily negative deeds that we have accumulated in previous lives.

For speech empowerment, we visualize a Tam seed syllable in the master’s heart. It’s surrounded by a ten-syllable mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha. There’s a light that comes forth from the master’s heart to the mantra circle in our heart. Speech empowerment allows us to recite Tara’s mantra and has a power to purify our negativities related to speech in countless lives.

For mind empowerment, we visualize that there’s a light that connects the heart of Tara that we are meditating on and our heart. This light purifies all our negative deeds that relate to thoughts and feelings. Mind empowerment reassures us that our thoughts are one the same as those of Tara.

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