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Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche’s Dharma Work Schedule

Rinpoche has been to Thailand for almost 20 days and has given numerous teachings at various places. Still, he’s so kind enough to do more work for sentient beings and particularly for the Khadiravana Center. Here is his schedule for the rest of his visit.

Friday 27 March: Leave for Khadiravana and meditate there

Saturday 28 March: Release 100,000 fish at Kaeng Krajan Dam and perform Vajrapani empowerment. My parents and relatives are the sponsors for this event. The Foundation welcomes anyone who is interested in this merit making, though we apologize for not being able to organize transportation and other necessary arrangements. Since this program is a spontaneous activity, we cannot make an announcement in advance. We would like those who cannot attend it to rejoice in this positive deed.

Program for Saturday

7.00 am: Leave for Kaeng Krajan from Khadiravana

7.45 am: Collect fish

8.15 am: Perform a releasing ceremony at Kaeng Krajan Dam

10.00 am: Brunch

11.00 am: Return to Khadiravana

1.30 pm: “Wangdrup” ceremony for Vajrapani (Chanag Dorje) empowerment

2.00 pm: Empowerment

4.00 pm: End of ceremony

6.00 pm: Departure for Bangkok

Sunday 29 March (8.30 am-3pm): Teaching on Medicine Buddha and Empowerment. The teaching is the Thousand Stars Foundation’s dharma gift to all who want to meditate on Medicine Buddha. Please bring friends and relatives. The empowerment is also important to those who want to learn Tibetan medicine. 

Monday 30 March: Rinpoche’s return to China

Anyone who is interested in the Saturday event can contact me directly at 0811724117. 

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