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Two Worlds

I just got back from my retreat. It’s a world of peace and contentment. I felt fortunate to be able to meditate and recite mantra in a beautiful environment with no worries of work, or anything. My main companions are birds, butterflies, lizards, frogs and all kinds of strange-looking insects. 

When I came out of retreat, I learned about protests, anger and violence. It’s a world of discontent amidst the heat in Bangkok and festive Songkran holidays. I wish to go out and tell people, whoever they are, that life is short, and samsara is meaningless. It’s pointless to cling onto oneself, and to act out of anger. Thais are peace-loving people. We need to remind ourself about this statement. We need to see the root cause of suffering and help each other bring the country back to a calm state in which we live freely and without fear.

Let us pray, mediate, and dedicate our merit to everyone concerned, particularly those with troubled mind. May they be happy, safe and in peace.

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