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Full Moon Retreat, Visakhapuja 2009



Full Moon Retreat for Inner Peace & Happiness

Visakhapuja, May 8, 2009

Venue: Khadiravana Center, Hua-Hin

Time: evening May 8 –  morning May 9

No registration fees; donations are appreciated.

All is welcome.

The Thousand Stars Foundation, in cooperation with Sukkasart Institute of the Healing Arts would like to invite you to join a special full moon   retreat  to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana.

Another purpose of this retreat is to create positive energy for the Tara Great Stupa, a sacred structure dedicated to peace and harmony, to be constructed at Khadiravana Center.

The retreat will go on all night in the mantra stupa of clear light allowing us time to reflect on our inner being and to recite the mantra of love, as a way to cultivate compassion in our heart.

The merit from this group retreat will bring inner peace and happiness, prosperity in our life, and peace and harmony in the world. It is also a great way to purify our body, speech and mind.

Khadiravana is the Foundation’s Tibetan retreat center located on Hua-Hin Palau road, Nongplub district, Hua-Hin. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and forest, the center is an ideal place for meditation and for us to experience the beauty of nature.


The Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony will be the heart of spiritual practice at Khadiravana. The retreat is a wonderful opportunity for us to make connection with this marvellous project.



5,30 pm Arrive at Khadiravana Center; get to know each other; enjoy the beautiful scenery 

6.15 pm Orientation

6.30-7 pm Prostration yoga

7-8 pm Mantra of love practice

8-10 pm Light offerings, and walking mantra at the Great Stupa site 

10-10.30 pm Refreshments

10.30 pm -1 am Meditation 

1-4 am Rest 

4-6 am Meditation and Mantra practice

6-6.45 am Chi exercise 

6.45-7.15am “Sang” offering for auspiciousness in our life

7.15-8 am Refreshments


Notes: 1. Please have dinner before arriving at the Center; we will provide 

you with refreshments and fruits in the late evening and morning. 2. Please 

bring a shawl or a light jacket and a sleeping bag. 


Contact Details:

Reservation is necessary, please contact:, or phone 086 977 5867; 086 564 0564; 02 528 5308.

Thousand Stars Foundation:,; 

Tel. 66 (81) 343 1586, 66 (86) 977 5867

Sukkasart Institute:, Tel: 66(0)81 858 3823

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