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Visakha Full Moon Retreat

The following pictures capture special moments at Khadiravana on May 8-9, 2009, when the 1000 Stars organized her first full moon retreat to celebrate Visakhapuja and to make merit for the Tara Great Stupa:

in sala

Around 60 of us recite Tara mantra and meditate together at Vasutara Sala.


The retreatants are about to circumambulate the mantra stupa and the maha stupa site.


After dharma practice for several hours, we rested for 4-5 hours. moon2moon3

Although we were bothered by small insects, the early morning sight refreshened us and renewed our spirit.



We start the new day with “qi” exercise.


Facing and giving each other love. Special thanks to Aj Buathon of Sukkasart Institute for introducing us to “Qi”. 

koh's com

The Hats also come.

beau flower

hang nok yung

Khadiravana in May

with koh

Happy Birthday to our friend

at namtok

Warm thanks to Jick, Pandara friends & family!



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