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Past Event: Pandara Seminar

May 30, 2009


The Foundation house was alive again  with old friends, volunteers and new members. We gathered to talk about Buddha-dharma. This time Aj Soraj led a talk on “Three Visions” based on the commentary by Dezhung Rinpoche. This commentary is published by Wisdom Publications containing about 500 pages. Aj Soraj has finished the translation into Thai. So he took this opportunity to share the good news with us.

The three visions are “impure vision of beings in Samsara,” vision of experience by those who are on the dharma path,” and “pure vision of the Buddhas”.

After the talk, Chris (Karma Rangjung Dorje) gave a short presentation on his project of eight auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. Its purpose is to create products that contain auspicious symbols. Doing this, the project aims to bring auspiciousness to people in their everyday living. The proceeds will support the work of living enlightened beings. The Foundation rejoices in his sublime motivation and is happy to work with him in promoting Tibetan art.

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