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Pilgrimage to Tibet & Mt. Kailash

I will be on a pilgrimage trip to Tibet and Mt. Kailash on July 3 to August 2, 2009. I will not be able to update this blog until I come back. 

Here  is my tentative program:

July 3-9: 1000 Stars Journey to Chengdu, Lhasa, Samye, Tsethang, Namtso (We will conduct a full moon retreat on July 8 at Lake Namtso.)

July 10-19: Gyangtse, Lake Mipham, Mt. Kailash (three day circumambulation), Lhasa

July 20-22: Traveling in Kham, Tibet’s eastern province

July 23-24: Attending an enthronement ceremony for Sang-ngag Lingapa at Khabcho Wangmo Monastery, Nyagrong (Xinlong)

July 25-31: Dzachukha, Golok/Setha, Ngawa

August  1-2: Chengdu, Bangkok

I will share my stories and experiences in the blog later. Wishing everyone be happy and well.


The Thousand Stars Foundation would like to acknowledge the following donations with gratitude:


From Guru Rinpoche Seminar  27 June 2009


Foundation’s activities:

Participants 1,790 baht

K Leo Duse 8000 baht

Phapa Funds

Ms. Anne 1000 baht

K. Jirajet Wongnoraset 1000 baht

K. Leo, Marisa & Christopher Duse 20,000 baht 


Additional Donations 27-30 June 2009

To Support Tibetan Children at Pathang School

Aj. Metis Tansuwan 16,900 baht 

Dr. Theraporn 800 baht 


To Support Tibetan Nuns at Dakini Hermitage

Aj. Champagne 500 baht

Dr. Kittirat Techatraisak 45,000 baht


Phapa Funds

Dr. Kittirat Techatraisak 10,000 baht

K Prachaya 500 baht



Guru Rinpoche Gift

Guruby Supachok Chumsai Na Ayuttaya

This is a Dharma gift that Supachok gave us the day we organized a seminar on Guru Rinpoche. 

Om ah hung bendza guru pema siddhi hung

May all beings be free from the ocean of suffering and realize their primordial mind!

Past Event: Guru Rinpoche

June 27


It was another memorable Saturday for Thousand Stars, as our members and new friends joined the seminar on Guru Rinpoche. I asked Yontan to share his insights on Guru from both the historical and practice perspectives. I myself added some notes and shared with the audience my personal practice.

At the end of the session, we meditated on Guru Rinpoche together visualizing him as an embodiment of the teachers and the Triple Gems. We ended the talk with Nat’s story of how she became Guru Rinpoche’s devotee.

NatNat said she felt grateful to Guru Rinpoche for teaching us on bardo and how we should prepare for death.

The event ended with happy smiles when we celebrated Nuch’s upcoming birthday anniversary. May she enjoy long life and may all her wishes be achieved!



Dedication Prayers

I dedicate happiness to all sentient beings without exception;

May happiness spread in the air;

I take on the sufferings of all sentient beings without exception;

May the ocean of suffering be dry.

If I am happy,

I dedicate my happiness to those who seek it;

May happiness spread in the air;

If I am suffering,

I bear the suffering of all sentient beings;

May the ocean of suffering be dry.

May the sufferings of gods and demons be collected in me;

May my happiness be transformed into theirs.

Om Mani Padme Hum