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The Thousand Stars Foundation would like to acknowledge the following donations with gratitude:


From Guru Rinpoche Seminar  27 June 2009


Foundation’s activities:

Participants 1,790 baht

K Leo Duse 8000 baht

Phapa Funds

Ms. Anne 1000 baht

K. Jirajet Wongnoraset 1000 baht

K. Leo, Marisa & Christopher Duse 20,000 baht 


Additional Donations 27-30 June 2009

To Support Tibetan Children at Pathang School

Aj. Metis Tansuwan 16,900 baht 

Dr. Theraporn 800 baht 


To Support Tibetan Nuns at Dakini Hermitage

Aj. Champagne 500 baht

Dr. Kittirat Techatraisak 45,000 baht


Phapa Funds

Dr. Kittirat Techatraisak 10,000 baht

K Prachaya 500 baht



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  1. My email is Our common friend lives nearby your center at House of Dhamma. Peace.

    August 4, 2009

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