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Kailash – “Tise” of the Heart (1)

scenery on the wayFrom July 3 to August 2 I traveled in Tibet and China. Most of the trip was a pilgrimage with aims to pay respect to sacred sites and to transform myself. I had a good fortune to travel with great companions Yontan and Bo, admirers of Himalayan ancient wisdom for the whole month. Parts of the trips we did service to the Thai public, friends and media by taking them to explore Tibet and to witness an ancient ritual of enthroning a tulku.

The highlight was a ten-day journey (July 10-19) to Mt. Kailash and Manasarova Lake, pilgrimage sites blessed by and associated with various Buddhas, deities and masters.

Here are some photos from that trip, which I affectionately label “Tise of the Heart”. Tise (pronounced /tee-say/) is an indigenous name of Kailash.

Kris in carReady to go.

We left Lhasa early morning of the 10th and arrived at Kailash or another name “Kang Rinpoche” (the precious snow mountain) in two days. Tsedor, the driver said he didn’t know how he made it in such a short time. In general, it takes three days to get there. Several years back the journey from Lhasa to western Tibet took a week.

Bo with his cameraBo with his special camera. His dream to get to know Kailash came true this time.

Yontan on desertTo Yontan, Tise is center for Zhang Zhung, that brought civilization to humanity thousands of years ago. The pilgrimage is hence a return to history and appreciation of Zhang Zhung culture.

scenery2Beautiful view on the way

Bo (2)Bo or “Akhang” in action

Kris & children at PayangkidKids at Payang, where we stopped for lunch on the second day before arriving at Darchen, the Kailash town where pilgrims and travelers acclimatized and did some preparations for circumambulation.


Yontan prostratingYontan prostrates at the first glimpse of the sacred mountain.

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