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Kailash – “Tise” of the Heart (2)

Tise peak (dome shaped like a stupa) in the background. Picture taken when we first saw the mountain for the first time in our life.

tise peak first time

After prostrating to the mountain, we continued our journey to Darchen, our rest place before circumambulation.


Lake Manasarova (Tibetan: Tso Mipham “Undefeated lake”), foci of spirituality for Bon, Buddhist, Hindu & Jain traditions


Darchen – The town is lively with pilgrims and tourists in summer and is a sanctuarity for residents in winter. Hardly any visitors come to this town after September due to its icy weather. We spent a night here packing and unpacking our stuffs for the mountain.fresh on first day - BoFresh and perky on the first day of kora “circumambulation”

with porters 

With Sonam “merit” and Ngodrub “siddhi” our porters from Zhigatse who taught us to always keep our spirit up and move forward with courage and joyful heart.


Many Tibetan pilgrims walk around the mountain without any assistance. They carry a small backpack and remarkably finish the kora in one day. Some Indian pilgrims ride horses while a few Tibetan pilgrims prostrate around the sacred mountain.

found Norbu

Our caravan goes bigger: 5 humans and 3 dogs. Norbu “jewel” (the black dog) joined us on the first day and decided to go somewhere else when we stopped for lunch. Later on Senge “lion” and Pasang “beautiful courage” accompanied us and walked with us throughout the kora.

Kris stopping for rest

First day was not difficult. Even that we got tired easily because of the altitude. Even a small backpack exhausted me. I walked slowly reciting a mantra and rested whenever there was a chance. My mind was calm and happy. It’s unbelievable that I have reached Kailash and I’m doing a kora like thousands of faithful pilgrims.

yon with tise peak

Yontan with Tise in the background. Our exhaustion seemed to disappear when we glimpsed the sacred peak.

tise of the heart

 Tise of the Heart always hiding in the clouds

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