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More on the Past “Phapa” Event

งานผ้าป่าจบไปแล้วสามวัน แต่ความทรงจำอันอบอุ่นยังคงใสชัด ขอความสุขของพวกเราได้แผ่ไปให้แก่ทุกชีวิตที่ต้องการความสุข ขอบุญกุศลที่เราได้ทำน้อมนำให้ทุกชีวิตได้เข้าถึงหนทางแห่งธรรม…

at phapa2

Thai and Tibetan style altar – Thanks to Ven. Dr. Anil, Pandara could hold this great event at His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch’s secretariat building. Around 100 people gathered in a small reception hall which is decorated Tibetan style. altara

celebrate Mother's day
August 12 is the day we honor mother’s day. We also honor Tara, mother of all Buddhas and sentient beings that day.

luangphiVen. Dr. Anil Sakya, secretary of His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch. “Luang phi” (venerable brother) has known me for more than 20 years. Luang phi used to give me advice on secular life. After many years of separation, Luang Phi is now supporting me on my dharma path. He gives an amazing speech on why the stupa is important. He also explains the symbolic connection among Mother Tara, the Queen Mother and each person’s own mother.

sanghaVen Dr. Anil and Wat Bovorn monks give us blessings.

phapa1First meeting with the Ven. Great Master, who shows us that with faith and determination everything will be possible.

at Phapa1

Bhishuni sanghaVen. Great Master Kunag Seng leads Ven. Dr. lee, Ven. Silanantha and the bhikkuni sangha to the hall.

Jab from Yos's cameraJab, my son’s classmate from Thanaporn (St. Mary Anne school) performs a Thai classical dance to celebrate the phapa event and Thailand’s Mother’s Day.

phapa12Giving a talk, chanting and raising funds for phapa on the spot

phapa11Briefing on the stupa project. The journey of love and good will to bring peace to the world has begun.

phapa5Pandara offers the ven. Great Master Tibetan and dharma gifts.

tsedor made offering

phapa3Ven. Dr. Anil receives a gift from Dr. Tsedor Nyarongsha of Lhasa.

PoonPoon with YonMy nephew Poon enjoys his Phapa day. Decoration is beautiful under Yontan’s hands.

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