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Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s Teaching & Activities in Thailand

All is welcome to join Rinpoche in the following teaching series and activities.

September 26 (Khadiravana Center, Hua-Hin):

Tara Great Stupa, Way of Love and Happiness

*Model Stupa procession

*Celebration of first day of construction

*Treasure bags offering for water and earth abundance

*Namnga tongchod – great offering of five kinds – 1000 each.We will prepare offerings for all the participants.

Event starts at Foundation House in Bangkok 06.00, at Hua-Hin city (Phon Kingpetch Monument, near municipality office) at 09.30, and at Khadiravana 11.00 hrs.

September 27 (Khadiravana Center):

Morning (9.00 hrs): Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Teaching on “Karma and Healing”.

Afternoon: Treasure bags offering and blessing for sea animals at Hua-Hin sea.

September 29 (Kaeng Krajan Dam, Petchburi):

Releasing 100,000 fishes

September 30 (Bangkok):

Body-mind healing (invited workshop at a company)

October 1 (Bangkok)

Purification of negative karma

October 3-4 (Panghai, Chiang Mai)

Dzogchen retreat

October 7-9 (Foundation House, Bangkok):

Body-mind healing and Dzogchen teaching

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