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Updates & Thanks

I’m still at Khadiravana and will return to Bangkok tomorrow (15 September). The work has been going on smoothly with great supports from Pandara staff and volunteers as well as Khadiravana workers.

Sang offering vase:

We just finished building a sang offering vase at Khadiravana. It will be used for the first time at the stupa event. Picture will be posted soon. Yontan is proud of this creation. He said if our workers can build this, they can also build a Tibetan stupa.

Prayer flags:

We hang new prayer flags here and there throughout the Center’s front zone. We hope to renovate the mantra stupa of clear light in time for the great event. We wish to thank Supachok for his help bringing back the remaining cloth from the factory and preparing a mantra file for us.

Tables, chairs and kitchen utensils:

The Hua-Hin foundation is so kind to lend us a large number of tables, chairs and kitchen utensils.

Ceremonial tents and reception tents:

This has also been taken care of, thanks to my mom and younger brother Yos.

5000 Offerings at the Great Stupa:

Dream, Nok, Nuch, Nut and Yidrol are a big help in preparing the offerings. I thank them for their willingness to help me with this despite little time for preparation.

Vasutara Sala offerings:

Uncle Dom is directing other workers in preparing a new ceremonial table at Vasutara Sala.

Pine branches:

Thanks to Khun Lalida (Kyo), 30 kilos of pure pine branches are transported to Bangkok from Doi Intanon. We will use it for the treasure bags and for sang offering. We are also thankful to Khun Ladda for coordinating for juniper trees at Phukradung.

Stupa vehicle:

Khun Jaroen kindly lends us his pick-up car to be used as the model stupa vehicle on the 26.


Thanks to Nuch and her friend for taking care of the coach and vans to take participants to the event.

Treasure bag offerings:

Khun Naris contributes 10 kilos of rice and grains to fill in 199 treasure bags. He came to help us since the first day we sewed the bags.

Foundation’s plates and bowls:

Khun Manaschan contributes two boxes of plates and bowls to the foundation.


Khun Tuu offers to bring a big pot of kluay buad chee for 150 people. My mom will help take care of both vegetarian and non-vegetaian food. With mother’s supervision, we will never be starved.

Monitor car

Thanks to Dr. Manasawas (Khun Yai), we will have a politce car to lead on on the procession day.

Architectural support:

We are also greatful to Khun Jun for coming to Khadiravana the other day to check on Sala’s new door and to suggest event plans and to Khun Lek, Khun Glaang and Khun Methee for their support on the Great Stupa’s construction, with the meeting today.


We wish to thank khun Jick for the stupa event’s beautiful poster and excellent coordination with agencies.

Cooperation from Hua-Hin Municipality

We highly appeciate a cooperation from the Hua-Hin municipality for the welcome event on the morning of the 26. I thank my younger sister Nong to help coordinate for the event and offer to help out for any work she can do. It’s so fortunate that she will come back from Cambodia in time for the preparations.

And big thanks to Nuch for doing the hard work of taking phone calls.


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