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Six More Days

I wish to apologize my international friends that I do not have time to translate my writings in Thai so that they can share our spirit in preparing for the Tara Great Stupa event and Rinpoche’s teachings.  I hope to see many of them at the event and look forward to welcoming them all.

bannerEight auspicious signs banners ready for the procession

banner2Christopher and his auspicious creations. We thank him for making all these banners and the stickers for the foundation.

bodhiBodhi tree planted by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at Khadiravana two years ago is now in bloom.

mantra stupa with flowerSix more days and rain still falls. Flowers bloom here and there.


walai1Pupils at Walai school are eager to join the procession.

lalaMy niece Lala just returned with her parents from Cambodia.  She will carry an offering flower that day.

phonPhon Kingpetch Monument where the Hua-Hin mayor and his team will receive the stupa procession.

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