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Memories of the Great Day (3)

Stupa procession at Khadiravana – first time ever

procession1Jick leads and supervises the procession.


bannersbanners2ขบวนอัญเชิญสัญลักษณ์มงคลแปด (ต้าชี่ ทาเกีย)

Eight auspicious banners

Nuch on processionNuch carries an incense burner leading the way. Incense symbolizes purification.

monks waitingMonks from Mahidol University attend the ceremony as well.

JaroenOur good friend Jaroen holds Tibetan trumpets (jaling).

kids musicSchool’s performance in Pandara’s spiritual forest

Ken on processionKen and other kids become Pandara volunteers.

Rinpoche receives khatakRinpoche receives welcoming khatak from school pupils. Bhikkhuni Silananda and Leo Duse (Ngagpa robe) in the background.

wiratOur Tibetan band (in need)

Yontan on trumpetAuthentic Tibetan music in Yontan’s hands

procession arrives at Salaprocession at Sala2Towards Mantra Stupa and Vasutara Sala

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