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Highlights from Recent Events (2)

At Bodhigaya hall

At Bodhigaya hall2

Meditation and the Mind, Bodhigaya Hall, 1 October

Thanks to Khun Danai Chanchaochai and DMG Publications for facilitating the teaching.

Body mind healing

Body mind healing2 Body-mind healing at TWBA Thailand, 30 September

Rinpoche at Orn's office

Thanks to Khun Orn for organizing this lovely session

Releasing fish

Releasing fish2

Releasing more than 100,000 fishes at Kaeng Krajan Dam. I took this occasion to celebrate my birthday saving many lives of these poor animals.

Thanks to Khun Somsak and Somporn for requesting this occasion. Rinpoche and all of us rejoiced in your merit making.

Giving gifts to Walai kidsKris, Rinpoche and Walai teachersWalai kidsNyima Dakpa Rinpoche, Yontan and I went to visit Walai school on 29 September. On the behalf of the Thousand Stars Foundation, Rinpoche presented each kid an amount of 100 bath (there are 77 kids in Grades 3-6) and the school director an amount of 3600 baht for transportation expenses on the Stupa day (26 September). Earlier we presented the school an amount of 15,000 baht for the school’s general educational purposes.

At PanghaiProstrating

Dzogchen retreat at Panghai.

There were around 35 of us. We attended three intensive sessions on dzogchen, an informal conversation on the practice and Tibetan Buddhism, and a prostration/meditation session.

retreat house

Thanks to Khun Kyo and Orm for coordinating for this event. We are grateful to Khun Charin for opening his lovely home to us. His land is truly appropriate for this teaching.

WalkingJoyful walk towards a hermitage and water fall, Pongyang

Rinpoche & YonRinpoche resting after a two-hour walk

With suraseeWith Khun Surasee Kosolnawin, president of the Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation. We are grateful to his and his wife’s hospitality in welcoming us at their lovely home.

Giving advice on StupaRinpoche works with Khun Lek, architect, foundation board and volunteer on a revised architectural plan and blueprint of the Stupa, 2 October 2009.

Kundrol LingAccommodation at Khadiravana on our Stupa day

Medicine Buddha tormaTorma for Medicine Buddha empowerment. This special torma is a representation of Medicine Buddha and his retinue.

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